While the digital wave has influenced our lives and our work, CTS provides you with skilled and experienced human resources to create an affordable outsourcing solution. We will sustain and continuously change in sync with your growing needs. CTS is a company that offers a personalized approach for you and is one of the leading outsourcing companies that supports companies, firms, clinics, or institutions of any size. Our focus is on understanding your needs and then get our talented teams to design the perfect solution for you.

CTS stands out because we combine experience, management, solution design and use a process-centric approach to create the perfect solution designed for you. Our only motto is “exceed expectations.”

We strive to approach your unique challenges individually and make it a relaxing day in the office for you.


Consolidated Transcription Services was founded in 2004, operating out of the offices in Utah. The company started with a single objective of helping the medical industry take cost out of their respective businesses and practices while improving the turnaround times, quality, and reliability. The company grew in double measures over the next several years, building a highly skilled and dedicated team in two continents. In 2020, CTS again experienced growth as it broadens its horizon and expands its products, capabilities, and services to support a broader spectrum of business processes and operations. The expansion directly responds to the most recent economic times, enabling companies to globally leverage our highly skilled resources while being economical on costs and consistently delivering quality. CTS's business process outsourcing capabilities have proven to be an integral part of many businesses' human resource solutions.

What we do


We transcribe your dictations, turn them into texts with proficiency and two levels of quality assurance. An experienced team is working round the clock to adhere to the growing needs of your business.

Health Services

We have a range of services that cater to the entire revenue cycle management, including billing, posting, insurance verification, scheduling, and any other back-office process.

Digital Marketing

In this digital age, marketing is the most effective form of expanding your business. We will help you develop your website and social media platforms to grow your business while you focus on your goals.

Data Entry Services

We design our solutions based on your current needs so that your database is accurate and you can rely on it for all your business needs.

Why choose Us

Experienced Management Team

Our experienced and effective management team will help add efficiency and enhance capabilities of your business.

Quality Control

Our independent quality team monitors transactions and productivity carefully using COPC guidelines.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in providing quality work at cost effective pricing. Your work will be completed without the human resource expenses.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is structured to meet your needs. We will add additional hours and shifts needed to support your team's specific requirements.

Data Security

We guard your data in our central server with access provided only to our clients and senior administration staff.

Personalized Experience

Each client is important to us. We personally nurture the relationship of every client and make sure they feel their needs are being met.