Medical Transcription

With our varied experience in Medical Transcription Services, CTS delivers efficiently on the healthcare documentation demands of medical facilities, hospitals, physician groups and medical offices of individual practitioners. We ensure that the transcription files are turned around quickly and data security is maintained in all our service centers.   This will help you diminish your backlog, eliminate staffing requirements, and ensure revenue maximization.  Our dedicated quality team makes sure that our experienced transcriptionists work relentlessly to get your transcriptions the accuracy you desire.

  • 24×7 dedicated team.
  • 100% adherence to turnaround times.
  • Team is experienced in multiple platforms.
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • Two-tier quality assurance process.
  • Data security on all data stored.

While the digital wave has definitely influenced our lives and our work, be it remote or from our cubicles, CTS provides you with skilled and experienced manpower to create an outsourcing solution that is affordable, will sustain and constantly change in sync with your growing needs. CTS is a company which offers a personalized approach for you and is one of the leading outsourcing companies that supports companies, firms, clinics or institutions of any size. Our focus is on understanding your needs and then get our talented teams do design the perfect solution for you

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