Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson was the founder of this company in Utah in 2004. His background is extensive and his experience unparalleled - working with companies like American Express, eBay, Qwest Communications and Oracle. He provides a unique set of skills, setting the stage to build a highly available technological platform to enable cost-effective solutions for all partners. CTS’ BPO practices are underpinned by its founder’s vision for high quality at a low cost.

Shannon Peterson

Shannon Peterson began her career in dental hygiene and then pivoted in 2004 when Consolidated Transcription Services was founded. Being from the Health Care System herself, she understood the needs of clients better and in turn has made implementation and transitions smoother. Shannon’s operational excellence and strong leadership provided a foundation for CTS to grow and expand services as the industry changed. Her entrepreneurial spirit allowed the company to flourish. When the challenge of changing regulation with allied health and business processes, Shannon recognized the increased need for business support. Shannon brings outstanding customer-focused approach to all projects..